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Meet The Team

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Laquita Williamson
Cosmetologist/salon owner

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     Starting at my Mother's kitchen table, I was the neighborhood hairstylist. I have always loved styling hair.

      After high school, I got my Cosmetology license and have been a Licensed Cosmetologist off and on since 2002.


    In February of 2018, I decided to work hard and trust God so that I could do what I loved doing best. I would not have made the decision to start working full-time as a cosmetologist without the support of my husband! He gives me the push that I need to keep striving for more. I am now a salon owner and working full time as a cosmetologist. I am loving every bit of it!

    Being able to go to work and enjoy everything that I do is an amazing feeling! Creating styles, and maintaining healthy hair are two things that I am passionate about.

    I believe that when your hair is healthy and looking its best, it says be saying everything! 

    As always,

    Let your hair do the talking!  XOXO

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    La'Nasia Jones 

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    I grew up in the salon. Watching my Mom style hair for years, encouraged me to go into the beauty industry. I didn't want to be a Cosmetologist and just focus on being a hairstylist.   Providing skincare services is  what interest me more.


    After finishing Cosmetology school in 2020, I started working in a salon right away. I now enjoy styling hair and caring for the skin. I am thankful for all of my clients. I enjoy what I do and I love being a part of the beauty industry. 

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